Wyoming Gov. Signs Bill to Ban Delta-8 THC

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon (R) has signed into law the state’s ban on delta-8 THC products, putting the state’s burgeoning hemp-derived cannabinoid industry into jeopardy, MJBizDaily reports. According to Senate File 32, which lawmakers crafted to restrict the sale of intoxicating cannabinoids: No person or licensee shall: – Produce, process or sell hemp or hemp […]

Arizona AG Says Delta-8 Products Can Only Be Sold By Licensed Dispensaries

In an opinion issued last week, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes said that the sale of delta-8 THC products and “other hemp-synthesized intoxicants” by businesses not licensed by the state health department are not permitted to be sold under state law.   “Irrespective of delta-8’s arguable federal legality under the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (‘Farm […]

Study: 11.4% of US 12th Graders Used Delta-8 THC Products in 2023

A study published this month in the journal JAMA found 11.4% of 2,186 U.S. 12th-grade students self-reported consuming delta-8 THC products in the past year, while 30.4% self-reported consuming traditional delta-9 THC products.   Delta-8 products were more commonly consumed in southern and Midwest states that have not legalized delta-9 products for adult use, while […]

New York Senate Budget Includes $128M to Support Cannabis Farmers

The New York Senate last week approved a one-house budget that includes $128 million to support the state’s cannabis industry. The budget includes $60 million for cannabis farmer loans, $40 million for grants through a new Cannabis Farmer Relief Fund, and $28 million for refundable tax credits for cannabis farmers who lost money due to […]

New York Gov. Orders Audit of Cannabis Industry Program

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has ordered a top-down review of the state’s adult-use cannabis program amid rampant unlicensed sales and multi-month delays to the industry, the Associated Press reports. For the review, the governor has tasked Office of General Services (OGS) Commissioner Jeanette Moy and other state officials to embed with cannabis industry regulators […]

Survey: 72% of Canadian Cannabis Consumers Buy From Legal Sources

Almost three-quarters of legal cannabis consumers (71.7%) in Canada say they purchase products exclusively from the regulated marketplace, according to a national survey published on March 18. Recipients listed the following primary reasons for their decision to utilize the legal market: 38% said they buy legal due to concerns about product safety, 16.9% said the […]

Study: Vape Pen Liquids from Legal and Illegal Markets Contain Nano-Sized Metals

Cannabis vape pen liquid in both legal and illegal markets contains nano-sized metals, including nickel, chromium, lead, zinc, and copper, according to a study conducted by researchers from Health Canada and the National Research Council of Canada.   The study included 41 samples of cannabis vape liquids – 20 legal, regulated samples from the Ontario […]

Wisconsin-Based Tribal Group Prioritizes Medical Cannabis Legalization

The Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association (ICIA) and its member tribes have agreed to launch a lobbying and campaigning effort to pressure Wisconsin voters and lawmakers to legalize medical access to cannabis, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. “Wisconsin is landlocked with a hypocrisy of prohibition,” ICIA founder Rob Pero said following the organization’s second annual Wisconsin […]

Michigan Cannabis Processor Loses License Over Unregulated Products

Michigan regulators said this week that a Lansing-based cannabis processor is surrendering its medical and adult-use cannabis licenses after mixing illicit material into its products, the Lansing State Journal reports. TAS Asset Holdings, also known as Noble Road Company, has been shut down since February 2023 after regulators suspended its license for using unregulated THCa […]