Arizona Cannabis Sales Total $1.43B in 2023

Combined adult-use and medical cannabis sales in Arizona totaled $1.43 billion last year, AZ Mirror reports. Adult-use sales reached $1.1 billion while medical cannabis sales totaled $348 million.   It’s the third consecutive year legal cannabis sales in Arizona hit $1.4 billion.  Adult-use sales accounted for 76% of the state market in 2023, up from […]

Pew Research: 88% of Americans Support Some Form of Cannabis Legalization

Nearly 90% of Americans believe cannabis should be legal for either medical or adult use, according to a Pew Research Center poll released on Tuesday. The poll found 57% support for both medical and adult use and 32% support for only medical use (88% net legal), with just 11% opposed to legalization of any kind. […]

Long-Awaited Maryland Lottery Awards First Social Equity Cannabis Licenses

Editor’s note: this article originally appeared in The Outlaw Report, and has been republished with permission. After a 73-day delay, Maryland held its first cannabis lottery for adult-use licenses on March 14, 2024. The lottery awarded 174 lucky applicants dispensary, grower or processor licenses. This was the first opportunity for new businesses to enter the market […]

San Francisco’s ‘Hippie Hill’ Organizers Say This Year’s 4/20 Event Is Canceled

The organizers of San Francisco’s annual 4/20 cannabis festival in Golden Gate Park announced Tuesday that this year’s event has been canceled. Event organizers cited low sponsorship from the struggling cannabis industry and staffing concerns due to recent budget cuts for the city’s Recreation & Parks Department. For decades, cannabis supporters and enthusiasts have flooded […]

Minnesota Proposal Would Double Cannabis Patient Home Grow Limits

Medical cannabis patients in Minnesota would be allowed to grow up to 16 cannabis plants under a new proposal in the state House of Representatives, CBS News reports. Under current Minnesota law, any adult aged 21 or older can grow up to eight cannabis plants (with a maximum of four flower plants at once). The […]